About Team 10


The first ever social media label for the talent, by the talent. Team 10 is a unique incubator for talent — a sunny destination where the young artist is mentored, groomed, and publicized in a mutually beneficial way to both the talent and the entire label through its unique model. Whereas other business models take the talent and solely push them out in the hopes of marginalized profit and publicity, Team 10’s structure creates a home for the talent to be developed, nurtured to perfection, and to quickly create content.

Team 10 strives to follow the artists’ creative lead, rather than vice versa. Team 10’s appeal is multifaceted and unlimited. The combined power of the entire label provides an unparalleled distribution stream for any major brand or company. Why pay a single celebrity to endorse your product, when you could have a young, vibrant, team-oriented, and driven crew of young innovators disseminating your message to millions upon millions of viewers all over the world...together? With their power in the numbers, the future of content creation, distribution, and advertising is here, and Team 10 has begun and will continue to propagate vibrant, hysterical, and aspirational messages to the world.